So, what is “Bipolar Teenager?” Honestly, I’m not quite sure.

“Bipolar Teenager” was a random thought I had one day when I got bored. I was thinking about doing something, anything, that might make me more important as a person. All Icould think of that I was good at was writing, finding faults in things people do, and making jokes, so I continued to think. Well, why not try putting these three “talents” together to create something fun and interesting for me to do? Thus, a blog was born.

The main point of “Bipolar Teenager” is not to just make fun of the stupid things adults do and the idiotic ways of the modern teen, really, it’s not! Throughout “Bipolar Teenager,” I plan to not only talk about the problems facing today’s people but to also tell tales of my daily life that will (hopefully) help others see the brighter (or in certain cases, darker) side of situations. (At the very least, perhaps my stories will get a chuckle or two.) “Bipolar Teenager” is meant to be a sort of window into the mind of today’s youth so that not only can adults better understand us, but so that we as teenagers can better learn how to improve ourselves as people.  In this way, I hope to help better the world. Even if I only get seven hits on any given post or I’m viewed as some random teen who’s spouting nonsense over the internet, I’m here. I ready for action, and I’m ready for people to hear what this kid’s got to say.