Day late on a post. Wonderful

Today’s post goes out to all the screwed-up people who claim a right to call themselves “adults.”

I think that a huge part of being considered an adult is having the ability to be an example for modern youth. This means showing youth the proper behaviors they should exhibit when they grow up. Many people are wonderful at this, and those are the people who aid in raising good, well-adjusted youth. However, as I look around, there are so many people who are seriously lacking in this field.

For the past week in my Health class there has been a guest speaker who has been teaching the students about the harmful effects of drugs. This person is a good example of somebody who is teaching us proper behaviors. Not taking drugs, not drinking alcohol, these are very important lessons that we are lucky to learn.
The assistant teacher however, lets call her Ms. H, who told a student to repeatedly “shut up,” is not a good example. This woman, who is being educated on how to run a classroom, told a girl in my class to shut up because she was talking. To make matters worse, the student protested to the teacher telling her this and the teacher repeated herself. Thus, an argument broke out between the two. The guest speaker had to stop his speech and the teacher merely stood there, waiting on them to finish.

Now, telling a student that they have to be quiet is one thing, but using the term “shut up” is one of the worst possible things to say in that situation. This shows that it is okay to say such a thing. Although “shut up” isn’t really foul language, it still isn’t nice and should be discouraged. Then, just standing there and allowing an argument to unfold in a classroom situation is just as bad as getting into an argument. The teacher should have stepped in, told the assistant she had been wrong, and then had both assistant and student apologize to the speaker. However, no, she just stood there as if it was no big deal.

Setting a proper example for children, especially in early stages of development, is immensely important. Without a proper example at home or school, kids really can’t grasp a sense of right and wrong, and as such, could tend to do more wrong. Then, because of the wrong they do, they get into trouble which leads to either a miracle reform, or more likely, to anger. This anger causes kids to want to make the lives of the ones they detest horrible, so they perform more actions that get them into trouble. Obviously, this chain of events is not one that ends well for anybody.

It really isn’t all that hard to set a proper example. If you’re a teacher it can be as simple as taking an interest in your students. Show them that getting a good education will help them in life. If they struggle, ask if they want your assistance. This shows them it is okay to seek help when they need it most. Of course, the list of things teachers can do is a long one, so I can’t go into everything right now.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS, PAY ATTENTION! It can be as simple as that! Although I can’t imagine how hard it is to raise a child, there are some very simple things that many parents often forget to do. Paying attention is the most simple one of these things. Paying attention to the things you say around your kids, paying attention the things your kids say, paying attention to the kinds of TV programs they watch, all of it helps! If you pay attention to the behaviors of your child, you can praise them on the good ones (studying for example) and discourage the bad ones (smoking, drinking, etc.)

Remember, children imitate almost all they see. Nobody is perfect, and I know everyone slips up every now and then. However, you must, must, must show kids how certain things are bad while others are good. In some, it could mean the difference between becoming the next president or the next death row inmate.

~Such are the thoughts of a bipolar teenager~